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The TOEFL Exam evaluates non-native English speakers� ability to read,
write, speak, and listen to English in a similar way that it is used in

The TOEFL exam is
approximately 4-1/2 hours long, and is divided into
four sections that integrate all four of these
English language skills:
  • Reading: 60- 100 minutes; 3-5 passages,
    followed by comprehension questions
  • Listening: 60-90 minutes, 2-3 conversations
  • Speaking: 20 minutes; 6 tasks with 15-30
    seconds to prepare and 45-60 seconds to speak
  • Writing: 50 minutes, 2 writing tasks

TOEFL Scoring

Your composite (or overall) TOEFL score will
range from 0 to 120 and is calculated by combining
your TOEFL scores on each of the four sections.

The individual sections are graded separately. You
will receive four TOEFL scores ranging from 0 to 30:
Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

TOEFL scores vary in importance at different
schools. Other factors that schools consider include
academics, work experience, letters of reference,
and scores on other standardized tests (GMAT, SAT,

The TOEFL iBT Is Coming in Stages

The change to an Internet-based Test (iBT) wasn�t
able to be implemented in every testing center at
one time. ETS, the administrator of the TOEFL exam,
is still offering the computer-based or pencil and
paper exam in some cities and some countries. Visit
for information on testing in your
local area .

Where can I get more information about the TOEFL

you can visit the TOEFL website,

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