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  [Law School Admission Test -LSAT]

  Law School Admission Test -LSAT 



Test) exam is mandatory
for getting admission in those Law

of USA, which are
approved by ABA (American Bar Association). LSAT is also compulsory for
getting admission in Law courses in most of the Canadian Law Schools and
many of the non-ABA approved Law Schools too. LSAT is conducted four times a
year at selected centers all over the world. LSAT helps Law Schools make
sound admission decisions by providing standard measure of verbal and
reasoning skills of the students. The Law schools can use LSAT score as one
among the few other features in evaluating the candidates for admission.

A prospective law student may be from any of academic backgrounds, ethnic
cluster and cultures. The

precisely comprise of five
sections namely,

  • Reading comprehension section.
  • Logical reasoning (arguments) section.
  • Analytical reasoning (games) section.
  • Experimental section (another Arguments, Games, or Reading
  • Essay section or

    sample section.

The Experimental section will be games, arguments, or reading section. You
will not know which is the real section and which is the experimental one,
so you must just try your best on every single section. The good news is
that if at some point you have a strangely difficult section that makes no
sense, there's a strong chance that it was the experimental section. There
is also a writing sample or essay section. The writing sample does not count
towards your score, but the law schools to which you apply will receive a
copy of your essay to evaluate. The duration of the test is about 3.5 hours.
There is no negative marking as such, but you are expected to attend all the
questions. After your test is graded, your score will be converted into an
LSAT score ranging from a low of 120 to a high of 180. Your score and hence
your percentile will roughly follow along a bell curve pattern, a score of
150 is an average one, and 170 is the 99th percentile.

LSAT Score

LSAT score is measured on the scale of 120 to180. Although the average LSAT
score is about 150, to get admission into any of the top law schools, a
score of 160 and above is required. There is no passing score in LSAT.
Different law schools make different cutoff for admission into their
schools. Get informed about all these basic information either by reading
through the brochure of the school or through the official website of the
particular law school. In addition to a good LSAT score, most of the law
schools follow different criteria for admitting the candidates.

A good GPA (Graded Point Average) and a good LSAT score is required for
admission in some schools. Some schools weigh LSAT and GPA in the ratio
70:30 or 75:25 etc, for the admission. The other admission factors like
references, application essays also count in some schools. The application
essays are not necessarily reflective of the academic ability and
personality of the aspirant. Many admission consulting programs help
students in writing essays. In addition, admissions departments do not have
enough staff to read all the application essays. If your LSAT score and GPA
are far below the norm, your application essay may never even be read. LSAT
is a test that can give you definite success and you can increase your score
by 20 or 30 percentile, if you learn the ideal approach and devote ample
time during preparation.

LSAT Preparation

Practice is the key to getting a good score in LSAT. As games or puzzle
section is the 'scoring section', start your preparation for solving puzzles
by purchasing good magazines or books. Generally, these games or puzzles are
intended to assess the logical, analytical and reading comprehension skills
of the candidates. Many of the questions have diagrams also, and hence
practice more to solve different types of puzzle questions to increase your

  • Register yourself in one of the

    mock-test centers and give
    as many mock tests as possible. This will help you in assessing your
    strengths and weaknesses and instill the necessary confidence in you to face
    the exam. After assessing your weaknesses start working on them. Simply
    speaking, LSAT doesn't test academic knowledge, it is more a test of Logical
    reasoning and reading comprehension ability of the candidates.
  • Subject knowledge will help you make your speed faster in the reading
    comprehension sections. Attending

    for LSAT preparation in
    an organized way for minimum of two months is advisable. Don't spend too
    much time on any particular question. If you are stuck on any particular
    question, leave it and move on to the next one.

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